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10 Feb 2021

[12] Social Memory Complex

We must evolve 2 polarities in the universe to which consciousness can evolve: The positive polarity and the negative polarity The Social memory complex (SMC) occurs in both densities beginning in the fourth density, although the functionality of the complex differs dramatically between the two polarities Most SMC’s are of the positive polarity due to […]

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06 Feb 2021

The Matrix is the programs of my egoic conditioning which I have been unconsciously enslaved to The Matrix is a system of automated triggers which cause me to perceive, think, and react in ways that, at my core, I don’t truly want to The awareness that I’ve been trapped in a psychic software program called […]

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03 Feb 2021

[5] Shadow Work

Healing the Shadow Shadow work can be summarized as changing my perception of myself We are taught that it is not acceptable to feel certain things and because it is in our nature to want acceptance, we reject and suppress these feelings within us as a means to help us earn love Whatever aspects of […]

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