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27 Apr 2021

James Allen I become what I think about. How I determine reality to work is going to determine the thoughts and emotions that I have, the action or lack of action that I take, and inevitably the results that I get. While there are things outside of my control, I have a far greater influence […]

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21 Apr 2021

[83] The Way of Peace

James Allen Two ways of creating success. One from a place of force and one from a place of real power, the world within. Evolving thought within and have that externalize as ideal emotions, behaviors, and actions that reflect a state of mind that is in alignment with the definite chief aim The Power of […]

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The All in One The journey of life is one of discovering who I really am and living who I really am through my creative expression, service to others, and desires fulfilled. Who I am meant to be and how I am meant to live is found within via intuition through a connect that I […]

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James Allen The All in All Beyond the subconscious mind is the subconscious realm, which is the all that exists. This pragmatically translates to the idea and key part of the philosophy that I have within myself infinite potentiality and infinite possibility because I was created in the image of the creator Premise Man evolves […]

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