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Stage Three includes longer periods of sustained attention to the breath. While the mind still wanders sometimes, it does not happen for very long. This stage is continued practice of Stage Two until mind-wandering eventually stops completely Practice Goals for Stage Three Overcome forgetting with the techniques of following the breath and connecting Actively engage […]

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Stage Two’s goal is to shorten the periods of mind-wandering and extend the periods of sustained attention to the meditation object  Hold the intention to appreciate the “aha” moment that recognizes mind-wandering, while gently but firmly redirecting attention back to the breath  Intend to engage with the breath as fully as possible without losing peripheral […]

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16 Jun 2021

[102] The Meditation Object

A meditation object is something I intentionally choose to be the focus of my attention during meditation The breath is always with me It allows me to be a completely passive observer I can meditate on my breath at any opportunity, wherever I am, every day The breath is used as the basis for the […]

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15 Jun 2021

The Mind Illuminated // Dr. John Yates Stage 1: Establishing a Practice Put all effort into forming and holding a conscious intention to sit down and meditate for a set period every day, and to practice diligently for the duration of the sit Goals for Stage 1  Learn how to prepare for practice by entering […]

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