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07 Sep 2021

I realize that the audience reflects who I am. As a result, I embody by living the philosophy and practicing communication in relation to what I know that will influence and benefit the lives of others everywhere I go. I recognize that being authentic expression is going to be a result of the self-image which […]

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16 Aug 2021

[111] Assume it as Done

Neville Goddard I realize that I have the ability to understand tension, inner-resistance, and reactivity in the moment if it shows up. In the moment, I am able to release and go into pure awareness. From this pure awareness, I am able to understand how to respond mindfully. As a result, I maintain my ideal […]

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14 Aug 2021

There is a feeling of oneness found through deep awareness which includes putting aside this overthinking, over-analytical, over-logical aspect of myself and allowing more of the understanding to flow from within me The Eternal Now In Taoism, there is a concept called Wu Wei It can be interpreted as “non-doing” or “non-action” It can also […]

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12 Aug 2021

The emphasis is on building a relationship with my subconscious by removing the disconnects, which I call limiting beliefs, interpretations, and assumptions that create unnecessary separation. This builds an intuitive understanding, a connection between where I am and where I want to be, and the people, environment, circumstance, and information that presents itself on the […]

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