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16 Aug 2021

[111] Assume it as Done

Neville Goddard I realize that I have the ability to understand tension, inner-resistance, and reactivity in the moment if it shows up. In the moment, I am able to release and go into pure awareness. From this pure awareness, I am able to understand how to respond mindfully. As a result, I maintain my ideal […]

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11 Aug 2021

[108] Habit of Imagination

There are many ways to get to the destination, and what I want is a joyous journey to the end. And the way to make the journey joyous til the end is to reflect on the habits that I have and changing the habits because the habits are paving the pathway to the destination Premise […]

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08 Aug 2021

[105] My Prosperity State

Neville Goddard // The Art of Reimagining my Past Intro Emotional intelligence in the perspective of reactivity, tension, and inner resistance as opportunities While these may be unpleasant as far as experience goes, they provide grounds for reflection I have the ability to change how I relate to the everyday experiences, peoples, environment, circumstances, and […]

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05 May 2021

[97] Feeling is the Secret

Neville Goddard The answer is always in front of my face. A lot of times I invest my time, energy, resources, and opportunity cost to go out into areas beyond my current scope of opportunity only to realize that when I produce results with that opportunity, that in retrospect the opportunity was always in front […]

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