12 Feb 2017

Bouras Deck – MCAT

I am here to share with you the completed flashcards that I used for my MCAT preparation. All in all, this has been a very transformative experience that I deeply thankful for. Now, it is my time to aid in your success.

I made my own cards and I went through other premade decks (JackSparrow, Miledown, Ortho528, Psychanswers4U) and whatever I deemed worthy to study was then moved from the premade decks and placed in my own. I knew many new studiers feel lost with all of the recommended study tools available to them. The tyranny of choice is present in all aspects of life whether we acknowledge it or not, so I was compelled to find a solution.

My recommendation is this: Understand your deeper reason for choosing this premed route. Understand what truly brings you joy in life and what is worth pursuing with your limited time here. If you are ready to learn content topics and work towards a mastery of MCAT-related knowledge, then download these flashcards and do them daily.

Find what works for you. There are so many voices being broadcasted to you online telling you what to do. If MCAT studying is your central focus, then mold your other daily activities around a study schedule that works best for you. Do not constrict your study methods to ways that you immediately consider to be best. Feel everything out and only pursue what truly works for you.

Overall, I am very pleased with how my test went on 8/29. No other FL was similar in comparison to the real deal. No matter how you are scoring on your practice tests leading up, trust yourself. If you do my Anki deck to mastery, then I PROMISE that you WILL know the information being tested. Whether you know how to reason out the incorrect answers from the answer choice is not up to me. That is a skill that you NEED to work on. You cannot simply do these Anki cards every day and expect a 528. These flashcards will develop you as a learner, but they can only do so much for you.

I will not be sharing numbered scores. I know what purpose the practice served for me, and I know I did well on the final test. If you are internally satisfied with how everything goes, then why should a numbered score mean anything to you other than to serve as a model for comparison? Focus on yourself and you will find success.

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