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The intention of this video is to speak to those that, on paper, are living their dream life or are as close to it as they have ever been before. Perhaps you have the job, the partner, the home, the bank account, and the lifestyle that you craved. However, despite all of these seemingly idealistic […]

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21 Sep 2022

[19] How to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety. What feelings arise when you hear that word? Do you have flashbacks to certain moments in time? Well today, I’m here to give a core root to anxiety and document step-by-step actionable advice that is applicable to a multitude of different scenarios. First, we all know what anxiety feels like, and we may even […]

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08 May 2021

Viktor Frankl The authors experience is one of tremendous confidence, endurance, and faith in finding knowledge and understanding in the most unimaginable situation a human being could ever be in: A concentration camp. The idea is that I give meaning to my life. Even in the harshest situations, I can give myself meanings. I have […]

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07 May 2021

Ralph Waldo Trine This book is about connecting to my higher source of wisdom and understanding. The concept of infinite intelligence. My ability to tap into something that I have access to, everybody has access to, and in this journey of life, we cultivate ourselves to be able to understand, reveal, and reflect on how […]

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